Shops suffer as the lights go out

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SHOPPERS were left in the dark as a power cut hit the town centre.

190 premises were affected as a high-voltage fault sent shops across Halifax into darkness.

The blackout began at 9.27am and lasted for around an hour as shoppers were forced on to the streets.

Food retailers feared for their produce as ovens, heaters and fridges all failed with the electricity off.

Gemma Doy, assistant manager at Poundbakery, Cornmarket, said she thought there would be complaints about the loss of power.

She said: “There will be a lot of waste today because of this.

“We’re still selling a few things but people think we’re closed so we’re getting a lot fewer people through the door.”

Staff at Lloyds TSB, on Commercial Street, closed the branch doors and met customers on the pavement outside.

One unlucky bank user complained they had been using a cash machine when the power went and had lost their card.

It is the second power cut in the last two weeks with more than a thousand houses in Pellon left in the dark last week.

A spokesperson for CE Electric confirmed that the cut was caused by a high-voltage fault on the network and was not linked to a fire at a substation on Tuesday.