Show love for streets

PEOPLE in Calderdale are being urged to show love for their streets this Valentine’s Day.

A campaign to encourage community spirit, backed by Halifax Street Angels, Christian Nightlife Initiatives Network and HOPE Together, will be launched on Sunday.

Residents will be urged to take more responsibility for their community by caring for neighbours, picking up litter, or just saying hello to someone who lives nearby.

Paul Blakey, founder of the Street Angels, said: “Love Your Streets happens day in and day out in communities across our nation.

“People volunteer time, resources, talent and energy to make a difference in the lives of others and society as a whole.

“This concept is to encourage more people to think of others.

“I see weekly, first hand, the difference people make. Be part of those who Love Your Streets as a way of life.” For more information visit www.loveyourstreets