Sign up to be on-call firefighter

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A firefighter is encouraging people from the Mytholmroyd area to train up as on-call firefighters.

Danielle Whitham lives within five minutes of her local fire station in Silsden and has joined up as an on-call recruit, where she attends emergencies if she’s needed.

On-call firefighters work in areas where there are fewer emergency incidents, so firefighters don’t need to be on station all of the time. Instead they get paged if needed to go to the station, from where they jump on a fire engine and off to an emergency incident.

People can be on call as long as they’re in the area - they could be working another job (with their employer’s permission), at the gym, or even getting on with daily chores.

Danielle said: “It’s really easy to be an on call firefighter - through the day or night!

“You just put your pager on and go to work close by or stay home and do whatever until there’s a call out.

“To get on to it I did an amazing 15-week course that you can split up into different blocks if you want.

“I find balancing my life with this really easy. If you need time off you just let the station know.

“I only get called out on average twice a month – I don’t get calls all the time - though it can often be when I least expect it!”

Danielle is an on-call firefighter in her local area but also qualified as a wholetime firefighter last year.

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