#Sistersport is a knock-out for boxing club

Members of Box 4 Fitness. Photographs by Photograhy by Charli - www.charlidesigns.co.ukMembers of Box 4 Fitness. Photographs by Photograhy by Charli - www.charlidesigns.co.uk
Members of Box 4 Fitness. Photographs by Photograhy by Charli - www.charlidesigns.co.uk
'We welcome anyone who wants to get fit and train in a supportive, non-judgemental environment.'

That’s the message from Mytholmroyd-based Box 4 Fitness, which runs group exercise sessions for women, based on the principles of boxing training.

And there’s something to suit everyone, with regular fitness sessions including kickboxercise for girls aged 11 to 15, an over 50s low impact class, as well as children’s recreational boxing sessions every Saturday morning.

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So what does it include? A typical session has a 10-minute warm up, 40 minutes of punching combinations and drills, strengthening exercises and a 10-minute cool down and stretch.

A bootcamp class can involve skipping, hitting pads, kicking or hitting punchbags, press-ups, shuttle runs and sit-ups, whereas a circuits class can involve a range of boxing-based exercises done in circuit style, with rest periods between stations.

No class involves hitting other people - it’s all designed to be a fun, challenging and safe workout.

Chief instructor Kate Dakers said: “You can get a massive high from hitting a heavy bag or doing pad work with a partner, it gives you a great sense of well being.

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“Boxing training can really help to build self-confidence as well.”

The message from the group, which is based at Hebden Bridge Boxing Club, Mount Pleasant Mill, is simple.

It’s a supportive, non-judgemental environment, where an ethos of exercising to feel good, rather than just to look good, is encouraged.

There’s also emphasis on welcoming all, with a philosophy of members training to be the best version of themselves.

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Ness Wood described the group as an “asset to the community”.

She said: “Box 4 Fitness is a bit of a lifeline for me as a mum and carer.

“An hour at boxing lets me do a bit of growling then leaves me feeling strong and empowered.”

Kerry Wheelwright, events coordinator at Hebden Bridge Town Hall, added: “I love the muscle-building, sweaty, messy, give-it-your-all that goes into every punch.

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“But I box to get stronger both physically and mentally. You get to meet a lot of people in the classes and no class is the same.

“Everyone’s focused, nobody’s posing. I enjoy being part of a strong community of women who build each other up.”

Box 4 Fitness is holding a fundraiser event this Saturday, March 18.

There’ll be plenty of taster sessions including:

10.30-Boxercise; 11am- Kickboxercise for girls aged 11 to 15; 11am - KO Circuit open to men and women; 12pm - Bootcamp and Wednesday Warriors; 12.30pm Boxing awards for girls and women.

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All taster sessions are 20 minutes and there are 20 places available on each one.

From 1pm there will be a sparring display which will involve three, three-minute rounds of sparring action from carded female boxers and guests from other boxing clubs.

There will also be a raffle draw and more.

For further details about the club and event, visit www.box4fitness.co.uk.

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