Slaughterhouse site for houses

Councillors have given the green light to three new housing developments in Shelf.

A former slaughterhouse in South Lane was approved for development despite being in green belt land, which is traditionally spared from new buildings.

However, the old abattoir was deemed suitable for development in a report to Calderdale Council’s planning committee.

The report said the proposal “was accepted on the basis that the former abattoir had a history of neighbour complaints, had a poor access, and enabled a clear improvement in terms of the visual appearance of the site”.

The first application was from MR R Tyas for six detached houses to be built on plot three of the site.

The panel voted unanimously in favour of the proposal, with conditions that appropriate materials be used to be sympathetic to the landscape.

The second application, from Mrs E Tandy, was again for six detached homes on plot six on the land. The final application was from Tony Duane and was an amendment to a previous application.

He asked for his application for a detached dwelling to include a first-floor balcony and conservatory.

Both of these applications were accepted unanimously by the committee.

The slaughterhouse was the cause of controversy after owners were criticised for letting rivers of blood flow into a nearby stream.

In 2004, owner Yacub Moosa Yusuf pleaded guilty to24 breaches of health and environment regulations.

The Courier reported how sheeps’ blood had been allowed to pour into Blackshaw Beck.

Yusuf disposed of animal carcasses incorrectly and kept poor hygiene standards in the abbatoir generally.

He was sentenced to six months in prison and banned from working in the food industry for seven years.