SLIDESHOW: Brighouse 1940s weekend smashes target as thousands flock to town

This year’s Brighouse 1940s Weekend was bigger and better than ever before with tens of thousands filling the streets.

It is estimated the 60,000 visited the town to soak up the sunshine and the vintage atmosphere, smashing the target of 50,000.

Brighouse 1940s Weekend

Brighouse 1940s Weekend

It was the fifth vintage weekend hosted by the Brighouse Business Initiative (BBI) who aims to keep the town busy and bring in more business.

Steven Lord, of the BBI, said: “The weather was glorious, we had two days of sunshine, and there were huge crowds. The event was unbelievable.

“The aim of all the festivals which take place throughout the year is to keep the town busy. We hope that people will come back to Brighouse after the festivals and attract tourists to the town.

“We want to put Brighouse on the map. It was a huge triumph.”

The BBI are now looking forward to the next of their planned events. Steven said: “We are now focusing on the Canal and Music Festival which will take place in August. It will be on August 19 and 20.”

There were plenty of 1940s ethusiasts who dressed up for the event, including Sharon Holmes and Adam Gray who traveled down specifically for the weekend.

Sharon said: “We’ve come all the way down from Durham and we love it, we really do. The atmosphere is gorgeous.

“Seeing everybody dressed up is just lovely. It would be nice if there were a few more dressed up but it’s lovely it really is.”

This was the pair’s third visit to the weekend in Brighouse and they travel up and down the country enjoying various vintage events, but how would they rate Brighouse?

“It’s in the top three or four, definitely,” Adam said.

Sharon added: “Every year it’s getting better and better.”