Slideshow: Heroes and villains hailed at Hali-con

From Doctor Who to Star Wars, DC Comic to Marvel superheroes, the heroes - and villains! -were all on show at the first sci-fi/film convention in Halifax for ten years.

The Hali-con event at North Bridge Leisure Centre saw a huge show full of amazing characters and vehicles - from the stage and small screen.

Paul Bardill and Willow Gunn, at Hali-con, sci-fi show, NBLC, Halifax

Paul Bardill and Willow Gunn, at Hali-con, sci-fi show, NBLC, Halifax

Halifax-born organiser Martin Ballard, of Red Cape Marketing, said they had 1,200 people attend and he was amazed with the way people supported the event.

“People certainly got into the spirit of things. There were so many people dressed up. The outfits were amazing.

“You get people going to these conventions and they start talking to each other and they then try and outdo one another at the next one! The competition in phenomenal.

“Speaking to local people who had come said they were so impressed something like this has happened.

“People who weren’t able to make it said they saw the pictures and were asking when the next Hali-con was going to be.”

He said that plans are already taking place for Hali-con to return in the spring and is looking into the possibilty of a joint event around Christmas.

Headlining the day was Hattie Hayridge better known to fans of Red Dwarf as Holly and Eastenders original bad boy Nasty Nick Cotton - actor John Altman, who had one of his first acting roles was as an X-Wing pilot in Return of the Jedi.

They were supported by some original cast members from a mass of shows and films including Star Wars, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, The Empire Strikes Back. The Phantom Menace, Game of Thrones and Thunderball.

Iconic cars were also on display including a version of Kitt from Knight Rider; a Delorean from Back to the Future; Lightening McQueen; Ecto-1 - the Ghostbusters car based on a Skoda Octavia; Del Boy’s three wheeler and his Capri love-machine; an A-Team van and loads of American police cars based on Dodge Chargers and a SWAT van.