SLIDESHOW: Reunion for class of 1985

Past pupils of a Halifax high school met up for a reunion.

Around 25 former pupils of North Halifax High School’s class of 1985 attended the event at 53 Degree North, Dean Clough, and shared stories of their time at school and what they had been up to since leaving.

There were also five teachers who made the event including Mr Steve Langhorn who is still there and guest of honour former headmistress Mrs Gwyneth Crawley.

The year group was the first to start at the newly formed high school following the merger of Princess Mary’s and Highlands.

Former student, Adrian Hollands, organised the event after trying to trace former friends through Facebook.

He said: “We were the first intake of pupils into the new school and I thought it quite apt to mark the occasion with a little get together and to catch up with former friends and classmates whom some of us hadn’t seen for well over 25 years. The event came about by myself just one night setting up a group on Facebook for the class of ‘85 and sitting back to see what would happen, I was absolutely amazed at how quickly it took off and seeing it finally come to fruition was just unbelievable.

“We also had photos sent to us from former pupils raising a celebratory glass to the event who couldn’t attend as they were otherwise engaged or living/working abroad.

“We are looking to hold the event again but obviously won’t wait another 30 years to do so. In fact Mrs Crawley was so impressed with the event that she would like me to set up a group for all former pupils of North Halifax High School so that there can be future events for people to meet up and reminisce about the bygone days of the school.”

For more information search The North Halifax High School Class of ’85 on Facebook.