Smelly wagons to be discussed

Queensbury village centre
Queensbury village centre

The transportation of animal by-products - which sparked a petition from angry Queensbury residents - will be discussed by Bradford councillors next week.

A report, including information from Public Health England on the potential health risks of smells and offal spillages - will be considered at a meeting of Bradford Council’s environment and waste overview and scrutiny committee.

It outlines successful prosecutions brought by the council against companies responsible for spillages in locations including Queensbury, Keighley and Bradford.

These included ones affiliated to the Halifax-based Leo Group - Alba Transport Ltd and Kintore Tranport Haulage Ltd. Alba Transport was ordered to pay more than £12,000 for spillages in 2009 and 2010 and Kintore was ordered to pay a total of £19,000 in fines and costs for spillages in April 2012, October 2012 and June 2013. Most recently, Venlo Transport Services had to pay a total of £3,900 following a spillage in Bradford.

On the risk to health, Public Health England said: “We recognise that lorries passing through may be odious to residents, but we consider the risk to health to be negligible.”

It also said: “There are potential risks associated with direct contact with the spillages and these would be affected by both the contents of the spillage and the level of contact.

“The main risk would be from gastrointestinal ilness following hand to mouth contamination.”

The report says the council cannot take enforcement action “in respect of smell nuisances from vehicles”, but it would prosecute in every case with sufficient evidence.

The current recommendation in place is that officers continue to be supported in undertaking enforcement, wherever possible, for spillages.