Smoke ban alarm

TOO many people may be burning wood in hearths and stoves which fail to comply with smoke control rules, according to the council.

There has been a steady increase in complaints from residents concerned about the harmful effects of chemicals and small particles in wood smoke.

To help educate and inform householders, stove manufacturers, retailers, installers, architects and solid fuel suppliers Calderdale Council will hold a free breakfast meeting at 8.30am on Wednesday, February 2, at The Textile Centre, off Leeds Road, Huddersfield.

Nearly all of Calderdale is designated a Smoke Control Area and it is illegal to emit smoke from a building if the smoke is caused by the burning of unauthorised fuels.

Wood or coal can only be burned on special appliances otherwise smokeless fuels should be used.

Delivering wood fuel in a control area is also an offence.

Economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins said the council was committed to making Calderdale cleaner and greener.

"But wood is often treated and burning it can release highly toxic chemicals including heavy metals into the air," he said.