Soccer yob gets prison for Battle of Waterloo

A Brighouse man was one of three Huddersfield Town football hooligans jailed for their part in the “Battle of Waterloo” with rival Millwall fans last year.

Supporters of the two clubs clashed outside the Waterloo pub in Wakefield Road before an evening match at Galpharm Stadium 13 months ago.

Bradford Crown Court was shown CCTV of violence that erupted after three minibuses of Millwall followers stopped at red traffic lights opposite the pub.

Judge Peter Benson said the trouble had been started by Huddersfield fans who threw bottles, glasses and ashtrays.

Millwall supporters piled out ot the buses and there were running fist fights with Huddersfield fans.

Members of the public were terrified, with some trapped in their cars.

Danny Melia, 26, of Close Lea, Brighouse, admitted violent disorder and was jailed for 15 months.

Also jailed were Leon Stephenson, 30, of Taylor Hill, Huddersfield, and Andrew Miller, 38, of Sheepridge.

The court heard Melia was caught on camera throwing an object at Millwall fans and punching a rival hooligan to the ground.

Prosecutor Bashir Ahmed said: “Police were significantly outnumbered.

“There were three officers initially and they found it impossible to regain any kind of control.

“It was only after significant reinforcements arrived that order was restored.’’

The CCTV footage showed rival fans trading punches during running fights, which took place around innocent motorists caught up in the violence.

The Millwall minibuses suffered £3,000 damage, a convenience store window was cracked and passing vehicles were damaged.

Judge Benson said the three men had a responsible, hard-working side which they seemed to put on the shelf when they got involved in football violence.