Sophie is in Palestine to support peace

Sophie Wickham is volunteering in Palestine
Sophie Wickham is volunteering in Palestine

A woman from Shelf has just set off to spend three months volunteering for peace in Palestine.

Sophie Wickham, 27, will be working as a human rights observer for the World Council of Churches.

The former North Halifax Grammar School and Bethel Chapel pupil will be living in Bethlehem in the West Bank monitoring check points. She’ll be monitoring peaceful demonstrations in surrounding villages and will accompany Israeli and Palestinian organisations working non-violently for peace in the region. Sophie, who now lives in London, said: “I feel strongly that no-one should be subjected to degrading treatment.

“I’ve met Palestinians in my work in the UK who have described to me their daily suffering living under military occupation, yet the world seems to turn a blind eye. I’m going to volunteer in Bethlehem to let people know that not everyone has forgotten about them.”