Sorry is an insult, says Dad who had his holiday ruined

Anthony Buckley and wife in America
Anthony Buckley and wife in America

A DAD has spoken out after a banking mistake ruined his family’s holiday to America.

Anthony Buckley, 35, from Cousin Lane, Ovenden, Halifax, arranged with his bank Santander to register his debit card to work while he was in the States with his 13-year-old daughter, Shanae.

But despite making several phone calls costing hundreds of dollars, he was left without any funds for the rest of his trip.

Anthony had taken $150 with him and planned to withdraw the rest while away.

When he arrived he found his card would not let him take any money out.

Anthony then had to make several calls back to England and was told his query would be answered, firstly within 24 hours, then a few days later.

He was eventually told the best solution was for funds to be transferred into another account, but as his wife was already in Chicago, Anthony had no one else to call on.

Anthony eventually had to resume contact with his father in England who transferred £1,000 through Moneygram but the series of mistakes and lack of money ruined their holiday, said Anthony.

“I am disgusted and sickened how a company as big as Santander can treat people as they have done and think a phone call to apologise will make things better,” he said.

During their trip they were due to visit friends in Orlando but although the flights were pre-booked, he did not have enough cash to cover the trip.

When the family returned home, he called the bank and tried to resolve the issue.

He was offered £150 in compensation, which he says does not even cover the cost of phone calls to England. Santander have since upped the level of compensation to £300 but he says that is still not good enough.

“It was quite an insult. They ruined two weeks of my holiday.

“It’s not a question of money any more. I want people to know how they treat their customers,” said Anthony.

A Santander spokesperson said: “His debit card was cancelled following the closure of a linked account.

“We are aware of the difficulties he claims to have subsequently experienced and have been trying to resolve these to his satisfaction.

They said they will reimburse any costs incurred if evidence is provided.