Spanish rescue dog Benji’s new life in Calderdale

Senor doggie: Angela Adshead, from West Vale, with Benji the dog she rescued from Spain
Senor doggie: Angela Adshead, from West Vale, with Benji the dog she rescued from Spain

MEET Benji, the dog rescued all the way from Spain.

Angela and Martin Adshead, from Greetland, found the poor pup lying in the road while they were staying at their holiday home in Cortes de la Frontera.

With a chain around his neck and out in the blistering heat, they thought he was dead.

The couple had heard horrific stories about dogs being abandoned in the area, including one who had a plastic bottle tied to its tail who chewed its own tail off to get rid of the bottle.

Another was found with its jaw hanging off and two bullets in its face.

But when they went to move Benji so that he did not get run over, he got up. Distressed by the state he was in, the couple put him in their car and took him back to their house.

“He was in a right mess,” said Mrs Adshead. “He was suffering such malnutrition.

“He was starving and very scared.”

When they cut the chain off, the couple discovered a rope around his neck, growing under the skin.

“It must have been put on when he was a pup,” said Mrs Adshead. “It had started growing under his neck. It would have killed him.”

The couple contacted a charity who rescue abandoned dogs and took him there the next day.

After some food and a good night’s sleep, Mrs Adshead said Benji was a totally different dog.

They decided to look after him for the rest of their stay and by the end of their holiday they were determined to bring him home.

“After three weeks there was no way we were going to let him go,” said Mrs Adshead.

The charity helped have Benji fostered until he could be brought to Greetland and then travelled with him last week.

The couple say he is settling in brilliantly.

“He’s fabulous,” said Mrs Adshead. “He’s loving it here.

“When you rescue a dog, they know they have been rescued. You see something in this dog’s face that you don’t see in any other dog.”

Benji is the latest in a string of dogs that the couple have rescued but he is the first from outside the country.

To donate to the charity that helped bring Benji to England, email