‘Spare the early buses from axe’

METRO has agreed to reconsider the proposed axing of early-morning buses from Southowram into Halifax town centre.

Coun Tim Swift (Lab) is concerned that workers travelling from the village on public transport would lose out.

He wants a re-think over new timetables being introduced from this weekend.

“At the moment, the earliest bus from Southowram to Halifax leaves just after six in the morning,” said Coun Swift.

“In future, there will be no service before 7.50 am.

“We are losing three earlier services with no replacement and no explanation.

“I want Firstbus and Metro to look again at these plans.

“If we want people to use public transport instead of cars, then there have to be services for workers and students in the morning.

“Eight o’clock is too late for the first bus.”

Metro confirmed that due to low uptake, three early morning trips between Southowram and Halifax were being withdrawn.

“However, Metro and the bus operators continually review services, and we will look at these journeys again to see if they can be provided in the cost-effective way council tax-payers expect from us.”