Special party makes James’ Christmas

People gathering for a special Christmas party in honour of James Gomersal
People gathering for a special Christmas party in honour of James Gomersal

A little boy from Luddendenfoot who has recovered from a rare genetic condition was given a special Christmas present when his school performed a nativity in his garden.

James Gomersal suffered from CD40 ligand deficiency - the chances of being born with this are one in a million.

But he is now on the mend after successfully undergoing a bone marrow transplant but is still not well enough to return to school.

Prior to this, James had to undergo nine days of chemotherapy to destroy his own immune system and make way for the new blood cells from the transplant.

James was unable to attend any Christmas events or participate in the nativity play at St Mary’s School in the village, but a group of 30 carol singers, Hebden Bridge Brass Band and even Father Christmas visited his house to bring some Christmas cheer.

Santa brought a sack of gifts for the children present, as well as mulled wine, pies and chocolates.

His mum, Penny, said: “James is doing well. His new immune system is not yet strong enough for him to go back to school yet – it will take a couple of years to grow fully - but we hope he will be back at school by summer.

“We are immensely proud of James, but also of his brother Sam. We have tried to keep our worries from both boys, but as Sam grew older he soon realised that things were different for James, yet he has been the most loving and protective big brother.

“James has endured so much with such bravery and courage. He is truly inspirational and we are immensely proud of him.”

James’ family hope he will be back at school by summer this year and have booked a holiday in August when he will be able to go swimming for the very first time in his life.