Special spot in memory of loved mum

Debbie Vest with her dad Brian in Joyce's Garden
Debbie Vest with her dad Brian in Joyce's Garden

A woman has unveiled a stunning memorial garden in tribute to her much-loved mum.

When Debbie Vest’s mum Joyce died in January, she knew she wanted to create a lasting legacy to keep her mum’s memory alive.

Joyce Vest

Joyce Vest

Set in Debbie’s back garden in Illingworth, the land has been transformed from a patch of grass into ‘Joyce’s Garden’, a tranquil spot of reflection for all who knew her.

“When my mum passed away in January, I wanted something to remember her by,” said mum-of-two Debbie, 45.

“I have put everything in the garden that she would absolutely love and we wanted to have a place where anybody could come to sit. I’m hoping that people who knew her will come and enjoy it.

“It’s just beautiful, my dad is a very quiet person, but you can see on his face that he loves it.”

Joyce, 66, died after losing her battle with lung cancer and a secondary brain tumour.

She left her husband Brian, daughter Debbie, son Gary and her two grandchildren Catie and Ethan.

Debbie, who works as a taxi driver, added: “My mum was one of those people who you would never forget, she was so well known and was always the life and soul of the party.

“She was a very strong person, she had her ups and downs, but if you were to meet her you would never know because she was such a positive, upbeat person.

“She was so loved by everybody and always put other people before herself.”

The garden, which features a special sign, benches and plants, was officially opened on Wednesday.

And the unveiling was made all the more poignant as it would have been Joyce’s birthday.

“It was beautiful, more people turned up than I expected. I thought we would all be quite upset, but it was full of laughter and so nice to hear everybody’s memories of mum,” Debbie said.