Spidercops - 60ft up, one hero officer holds his pal’s legs as a girl is dragged to safety

PC Richard Hoyle and PC James Hemingway
PC Richard Hoyle and PC James Hemingway

TWO bobbies risked their lives to prevent a young woman falling 60ft from a bridge in Halifax.

PCs James Hemingway and Richard Hoyle climbed out to reach the woman, who was perched on the wrong side of the safety barrier on North Bridge.

They convinced her she should come with them to the other side of the bridge.

Then PC Hemingway held her while PC Hoyle kept hold of his colleague’s legs so all three could carefully edge back to safety.

Because the woman was drunk, they feared she could easily have fallen to her death.

The pair, part of Calderdale Police’s response team, have now been awarded divisional commander’s commendations for their dedication in difficult and dangerous circumstances.

Chief Inspector Viv Cutbill, from Calderdale Police, said: “They crawled out to her, spoke to her and persuaded her to crawl to the other side of the bridge.

“The incident was captured on CCTV and showed that they were mindful of her safety and theirs.

“These officers are a credit to the division.”

PC Hoyle said: “I had hold of PC Hemingway’s legs and he had hold of her.”

PC Hemingway said: “We’re really proud to have been commended.”

The Calderdale Police Divisional Awards also saw the pair given another commendation for investigating the case of a teenage girl being abused by her father. The officers were alerted by a distressed woman but when they got to the address, were told the call was made by a child and nothing was wrong.

PC Hemingway said: “It just didn’t seem right.”

Despite being told time and again no crime had been committed, the pair finally revealed the truth.