Spooky Calderdale Hallowe’en special: Ghostly monk and other haunted happenings at Rastrick couple’s home

Peter and Marilyn Auty who had a ghostly visitor to their home
Peter and Marilyn Auty who had a ghostly visitor to their home

Peter and Marilyn Auty made national headlines with their tales of supernatural happenings in their Rastrick home.

For 10 years they had an unknown guest and listed a whole host of creepy happenings at their house in Thornhill Road.

They told of:

• Spirals of misty grey smoke, swirling around the house

• A ghost-like figure in grey – described as a monk – gliding across the room and through a solid stone wall

• A broken bell which rang out during the night, disturbing neighbours

• Hearing their names called by a mysterious voice

• A figure seen in their house while they were away on holiday

• An upstairs picture, falling from the wall, despite the chain being intact

• Thudding and banging across the lounge ceiling

• Persistent whistling from morning til night

But the couple said they didn’t feel threatened and said they loved their home and would only feel under pressure to move if their friendly phantom turned poltergeist.

By the end of 1983 they had been invited on to the BBC’s Ghostwatch and had appeared in a host of books.

Mysterious goings-on have been happening at the old Calder Courts in Prescott Street, Halifax, for 60 years.

In the 1970s former policeman Alan Paley was there as a relief clerk and told how the bell board in the general office – linked to bells in each cell – would start to ring for no reason.

The bells were manual – they had to be pulled – and would still jangle even when all the cells were empty.

A speaking tube that linked the office to the magistrates’ clerk’s office would whistle when no one was on the other end.

Mr Paley listed 20 people who could support his statements.