Spreading healthy word on the street

Slimming World instructor Iskander Rashid.
Slimming World instructor Iskander Rashid.

Yorkshire’s only male Asian Slimming World consultant is promoting the benefits of healthy alternatives to traditional recipes.

Iskander Rashid, 28, is spreading the word on healthy eating amongst his Halifax Asian community and beyond after shedding three stones in weight in four months on the special Slimming World diet.

After weeks of leafleting Park ward, Iskander, of Lister Lane, said he was stunned when more than 90 slimmers attended his first group session at Savile Park’s Stroke Club, Halifax.

The evening was so popular, Iskander has now split the weekly group into two meetings to dedicate enough time to all those who come through the door in pursuit of shedding pounds.

“Because I have been big myself I can understand people in the same situation. I love my food and I want to tell Muslim people that they can still eat traditional curries - it’s just about boiling instead of frying rice, replacing ghee, lard and oil for healthier alternatives such as Berrio Ferriao cooking oil spray or olive oil. People in my community think healthy eating means salad and not much else but with Slimming World guidance you can still eat a lot of what you enjoy - you don’t have to deprive yourself.”

Iskander, who went from 18 to 15 stone in weight said he now feels much more confident and happier and wants to empower others, carrying excess weight, to feel the same.

For those who cannot afford the £4.95 weekly subscription, people can get a free 12-week GP referral from their doctor. Public sessions are Thursday’s 5.30pm and 7.30pm.