Staying in jail: girl who stole gran’s jewels

A Illingworth woman jailed for stealing her grandmother’s jewellery has lost her appeal against the sentence.

Drug-user Amy Waterhouse, 24, was given a 12-month community order, which included 260 hours unpaid work, after she admitted stealing £1,500 worth of jewellery from her grandmother and using her mum’s details to pawn the items to pay off debts.

But in July that community sentence was replaced with an eight-month prison term after she breached the order by only attending for a one-hour induction course for the unpaid work.

Waterhouse appeared before a judge and two magistrates at Bradford Crown Court to appeal against the length of the jail sentence.

Her barrister Kathryn Walsh submitted that the consecutive four-month sentences for offences of theft and making a false representation should have been concurrent which would have meant that Waterhouse could have been released from custody immediately.

But Recorder Simon Hirst said Waterhouse, of Aloe Field View, had taken advantage of her grandmother’s time in hospital to steal items of jewellery which were highly sentimental.

“Those items can never be recovered. They’ve been melted down”, the judge told Waterhouse.

“Your grandmother has been deprived of them through your actions.”

The judge said Waterhouse had been given a golden opportunity by the court when she received the community sentence and had thrown that back in the court’s face.

“It seems to us there is very little wrong with the sentence imposed by the magistrates at all”, he added.