Stop speeding down our road!

Residents protesting about traffic going too fast on Mount Pellon Road
Residents protesting about traffic going too fast on Mount Pellon Road
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RESIDENTS in part of Halifax are terrified there will be a serious accident if drivers continue to speed down their road.

People living on Mount Pellon Road, Pellon, have had abuse hurled at them after asking drivers to slow down and recently there have been several near-misses.

Mum-of-two Michelle Veasey says she takes her life into her own hands every day on the journey to school.

“People bomb up and down this road in incredible numbers. If I make them wait whilst I strap my baby into his seat, drivers start beeping their horns. I have asked people to slow down, to which I have often received verbal abuse.

“The road has signs asking drivers to be considerate, the word ‘slow’ is painted on the road but nobody takes any notice - they just burn rubber and speed off.

“Can you imagine how you would feel if you ran over and killed a child, just because you are in a rush to get home? I don’t understand why we have to have casualties before something can be done.

“In the meantime, if you must drive up Mount Pellon Road, please have some consideration for the children and slow down.”

The residents have previously put petitions together and contacted the council and the police.

Carl Statham, 32, said: “We have lived here for seven years and they do come down like absolute idiots.

“If it was one way or had speed bumps it would be better. There will be an accident - one of the kids could get knocked over.”

Mrs Haydon, 34, has already had a near-miss. She said: “When I was putting my son in the car, a Land Rover came and pushed me to the side and just drove off. He didn’t even stop.”

Mr Burnside said: “It is a worry when we have our grandchildren to visit. I have had to bolt up our gate so they can’t get out. People have threatened to throw bricks through my window when I’ve asked them to slow down.

“We need a better footpath - there is no footpath on one side and a very narrow one on the other - it must only be about 12 inches wide.”

Nigel Pickles, Calderdale Council’s network manager, said: “We deployed our Speed Indication Device (SiD) van in October 2010, following concerns from a resident, and recorded an average speed of 15mph.

“There is no history of casualties on this road and we can not justify the cost of installing expensive traffic calming at this location.”

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