Store on Pops trail for Evan's top cereal

Little Evan Matthews loves the limited edition Coco Pops-Croc Prints so much that staff at supermarket Asda Halifax were determined to help when they heard how distraught he was when he could no longer get his favourite cereal.

Thursday, 24th August 2017, 12:38 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:10 pm
Evan receiving the boxes of his favourite cereal

Six-year-old Evan has autism and sensory probelms meaning he likes routine and is reluctant to try anything new.

And his mum Laura feared that the discontinuation of the breakfast cereal would cause her son problems.

Evan struggles with delayed speech and understanding along with having dysbraxia, a disorder affecting motor co-ordination in children and adults. This often causes anxiety so he needs to know what he is doing.

His mum Laura said: “It can be a nightmare so when we heard about the cereal being discontinued we were gutted.”

But there were smiles all round when Kelloggs responded to an appeal made by community champion at the Halifax store, Amanda Clegg, to save their last remaining boxes for him.

Stewart Smith from Kellogg’s said the limited edition cereal has been delisted because of changes being made to the range, but fortunately there was some spare stock in their warehouse.

Amanda overheard Evan and his mum in the store talking about the Coco Pops, and having an autistic son herself she was keen to help: “I’m just so happy that between ourseleves and Kelloggs we’ve been able to help Evan.”

Initially Amanda asked colleagues at Asda’s head office if they could help. They spoke to Kelloggs who managed to track down 20 boxes in their Manchester factory and arranged for them to sent to the Halifax store for Evan to collect. Along with his favourite cereal arrived a letter from the Coco Monkey for Evan.

Kellogs said; “We were very happy to donate the cereal and make him smile.”

Laura said: “Everyone’s been amazing. We can’t thank Amanda, Asda and Kelloggs enough.”