Stores prove to be a vital defence against future flooding

Mechanical access solutions firm The Key Safe Company has provided Mytholmroyd with a donation of key safes, ensuring the entire community has immediate access to vital flood defence equipment whenever needed.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 11:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 11:41 am
The Key Safe Company
The Key Safe Company

After the devastating Boxing Day floods of 2015 the village built up a dedicated group of local volunteers who make up the Mytholmroyd flood wardens undertaking the role of the eyes and ears of the community.

During flood warnings, it had been the responsibility of the three wardens with access to keys to enable residents to gain entry to rapid response containers, located at four locations around the village; containing sandbags and cleaning equipment.

Read: Fierce row continues over Calderdale's garden suburbs planThe speed and extent of the recent flooding meant the group were needed in more areas than they could physically cover, added to this, the group’s efforts were hampered by intermittent phone coverage resulting in one of the flood wardens being uncontactable.

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As a consequence, it was decided that the group needed to rethink logistics in regards to access and turned to The Key Safe Company for help.

The firm has now installed key safes in the village so residents can store a range of flood defence equipment that can be accessed at any time by anyone who has the code.

Flood warden Tim Weston-Foulds said: “The rapid response containers are an essential asset to the community, however during the flash floods of November and the inability to access one of the boxes, it became clear that there was no back-up plan in the event that one of the key holders was unavailable.

Read: First look at new highway bridge over the canal from Elland bypass"As someone who was already familiar with key safe products it seemed like the perfect solution. The donation from The Key Safe Company of its key safes will now ensure all residents have access to equipment whenever needed, providing much needed peace of mind.”