Stray dogs savage lambs

Farmer Chris Green is counting the cost after three of his lambs were savaged by dogs.

Two of the lambs, which were born a fortnight ago, were killed and one was severely maimed.

The dogs, which were not wearing collars, got onto Mr Green’s land at Till Carr Farm, Lightcliffe, and attacked the lambs early on Monday morning.

“I came out to feed the sheep at about 7.30am and heard the dogs yapping and barking.

“Then I found the lambs at the back of the farm - the dogs had gone for their throats and it was a horrible sight.

“I’ve been up all hours with lambing over the past few weeks and I’m sickened by what has happened. It’s horrible to see animals suffering like this.

“I think the lambs are probably worth about £40 or £50 each to me.”

Mr Green managed to catch and restrain the dogs which were taken away by the dog warden.

“I don’t blame the dogs, I blame the irresponsible owners. I have had dogs running loose on my land before but this is the first time my sheep have been attacked.

“If I hadn’t come out at that moment I dread to think what would have happened.”

Mr Green keeps about 70 ewes on his farm. He believes the dogs may have been used for hunting in nearby fields and had managed to escape from their owner.

“I was so angry that I rang the police but was told to contact the dog warden.”