Street Angels urge MPs to discuss safe drinking

A TEAM of volunteers who try to keep party-goers safe in Halifax are urging MPs to debate safer drinking during nights out.

In the wake of a report on alcohol released yesterday by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, Street Angels are asking MPs to discuss the future of the night-time economy at the same time as promoting sensible boozing.

Paul Blakey founded the first Street Angels in Halifax and groups are now being run across the country.

He and Adam May, director of development of the Street Angels, said: “As a charity, we believe this is an area of real concern visible week-in and week-out which is why we are calling on the MPs to discuss this vital issue.

“With around 100 projects working in towns and cities during the night-time economy, our teams of volunteers see the damage and potential danger alcohol can cause.

“Although welcoming this debate by the Government, the key and challenge is ensuring partnership work between statutory agencies, businesses within the night-time economy, voluntary and faith sector and people of goodwill who care about others and the wider community are to be encouraged and strengthened.

“Now is the time for MPs to act and join the debate as we address the needs of those committed to supporting those most at risk in the night time economy.

One of the recommendations of the report was that people should have at least two days a week completely clear of alcohol.

It said there were “sufficient concerns” about the recommendations on how much people should drink.

The report said advising two people to have two alcohol-free days would enforce the message that drinking every day should be avoided.