Sun shines on Brighouse Gala

Crowds flocked in their thousands to Wellholme Park for this year’s Brighouse Charity Gala.

The sun was shinning and people were smiling as they enjoyed countless hours of entertainment.

Gala queen Georgina Thornton and Crystal Brown in the Brighouse Gala Parade.

Gala queen Georgina Thornton and Crystal Brown in the Brighouse Gala Parade.

Early figures show that the number of people who attended is up compared to last year with £8,400 being taken on the gates, compared to last year’s £6,000.

This year’s event started an hour earlier as hundreds of people lined the streets of Brighouse to see the procession which included community groups, businesses, schools and bands make its way to the park.

The processions helped to raise £633.90. Procession Chairman Bob Parker said they had also been approached to book places for next year’s procession. “People were extremely impressed with some of the floats (wagons provided by Marshalls), a lot of effort had gone into them.”

Anyone interested in booking a spot on the procession can contact him on 01484 388569. Every stall had massive queues throughout the day as people dug deep and gave generously to help the many charities on the field.

From go-karts to steam trains, cycling to art exhibitions and donkey rides to Punch and Judy there was something for everyone.

Some old favourites returned including the ducking stool and Pulse Radio who missed last year.

Gala Queen Georgina Thornton said it had been a fantastic day. “It has been amazing such a good turnout. I have been talking to all the charities and mingling. It has been lovely everyone is so nice. It is just nice to be a part of something like this.”

She said she was available to visit groups and would like to hear from people.

Grounds Chairman Peter Edwards said they had to turn people away the week before the event. “I still had people contacting me the week before to book places but we just couldn’t fit them in. We are happy with how things have gone.

“There was a variety of stalls and we always seem to get new people that attend every year. The weather was on our side so that helped to draw in the numbers.

“And because we started the procession an hour earlier people could come in at noon. I’m happy with it everything has gone very well. I don’t think we have disappointed anyone.”