Sunshine brings out the louts

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TOWN-centre drunks are being tackled in a new crackdown.

Police in Halifax are pledging to target people who regularly drink excessively at all times of the day and then make a nuisance of themselves.

Officers from Halifax Central neighbourhood policing team, who are leading the operation, say is comes after a recent rise in alcohol-fuelled yob behaviour.

Sergeant Mick Richmond said: “People going about their normal business in the centre of Halifax have told us they don’t like this sort of behaviour and we too have noticed a recent increase.

“We think the good weather may be responsible for this rise but we have listened to the concerns of the public and are taking action.

“This operation is not about stopping people who are just going about their everyday business and or enjoying a few sociable drinks in licensed premises.

“What it is about is stopping drunken adults roaming around the town centre and engaging in anti-social behaviour.

“As well as the enforcement side of the operation, we also recognise that often the people involved in this type of behaviour can have other health issues and we are looking at ways of helping them.”

A council by-law approved in 2006 allows officers to either confiscate alcohol found on a person drinking in a designated public place or force that person to pour the alcohol away. Failure to comply can lead to a fine of up to £500.

Calderdale Council’s safer stronger communities director Robin Tuddenham said the council supported the police operation.