Supermarket has re-design

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SAINSBURY’S has redesigned its planned new store in Todmorden as it battles to win support ahead of a planning hearing.

It said the alterations follow public consultation and a new access on to Halifax Road would encourage people to visit the town centre.

Fears that the store would keep shoppers away from the centre has been a factor in nearly one-third of the town’s 15,000 population signing a petition against development.

Sainsbury’s development manager Kevin Macmillan said: “As a result of feedback from the community and conversations with the council and other local representatives we have re-designed the store.

“The store’s roofline has been lowered and we’ve incorporated north lights which increase the natural light into the store. People told us they wanted the customer restaurant to overlook the canal, which we thought was a good idea.”

Sainsbury’s still propose to include a biomass boiler, which would generate around one-third of the development energy and 100 per cent of the store’s space and heating demands, eliminating the need for a mains gas supply.

“Information leaflets detailing the new plans, along with freepost feedback forms have been delivered to around 8,000 houses in the local area – we want to know what people think of the revised plans,” said Mr Macmillan.

He claimed the majority wanted Sainsbury’s in Todmorden.

“Responses to our updated plans are still coming in thick and fast, but so far, around 80 per cent are in favour,” he said.

“People are telling us that they want to be able to do all their shopping in Todmorden, rather than travelling to Halifax or Burnley to go to the supermarket.

“A Sainsbury’s in Todmorden will provide choice in the town and encourage linked trips with the town centre and the market.

“We’ve been working with local stakeholders, residents and groups and we’re encouraged by the positive feedback.”

Calderdale Council is expected to discuss the application next month.