Survey reveals young people’s cycling concerns

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A survey of more than 1,000 young people has found some teen and parental angst about taking to two wheels.

The survey, by Brake and the insurer RSA Group, also reveals that most teenagers don’t pay much attention to the safest routes for cycling or walking.

Both organisations are calling for action from national and local government to improve cycling in our towns and cities.

The survey’s key findings are:

42 per cent would like to be able to start cycling or cycle more

Of those who want to start cycling or cycle more, 39 per cent say lack of safe routes is a factor

46 per cent say their parents would worry about them cycling

32 per cent say they would feel nervous cycling on local roads

Only nine per cent cycle weekly or more

23 per cent never cycle

70 per cent don’t consider what the safest route to use is for walking and cycling

Brake today said that introducing 20mph limits around homes, schools and shops, alongside improvements to existing road design would help produce more safe cycling routes to deliver a legacy of healthy, active, green communities where everyone can cycle and walk without being endangered.