Tallest folly in the world to light up for...ME

Blue sky over Wainhouse Tower, Halifax.
Blue sky over Wainhouse Tower, Halifax.

Halifax’s Wainhouse Tower will light up to raise awareness of the debilitating disease endured by thousands of people in the UK.

Light Up the Night will go live tonight (May 12) and it is hoped it will shine a light on ME - the condition widely known Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

May 12 is international ME awareness day and the 275-feet high Victorian King Cross folly will be lit up for the next week.

The international campaign will see other iconic buildings light up including London’s Millenium Bridge, Nova Scotia’s Halifax City Hall, and even Niagra Falls, Canada.

The project is being supported by Calderdale Community Foundation and Kirklees and Calderdale Independent ME Support Group and events can be followed on the facebook page ‘Light Up the Night’.

Estimated numbers of sufferers in the UK are around 250,000. This figure includes adults, young people and also children.