Team effort praised for raising standard

Ofsted pics at Beech Hill Primary school, Halifax.'Pictured is year 6 class doing science project
Ofsted pics at Beech Hill Primary school, Halifax.'Pictured is year 6 class doing science project

A COMMUNITY effort has helped reap the rewards in a Calderdale school.

The latest Ofsted report for Beech Hill Junior and Infant School, Mount Pleasant Avenue, Halifax, has seen their standards rise.

In their previous report in 2008 the school achieved good and satisfactory grades across the board.

Now they have “outstanding” grades in five of the categories and the number of “broadly average” grades has fallen.

The report says the school has “many strengths” and some “outstanding features”.

It praises the leadership of headteacher Jonathan Moss and the teamwork of the school’s leaders.

By the time pupils leave in year 6 standards in English and maths are “broadly average”.

Teaching staff are praised for their lesson planning.

Students have good achievement and are said to make good progress. The work of year 5 pupils with technology is praised.

“Pupils contribute positively to the life of the school by taking on responsibilities, including being a school councillor, prefect or classroom monitor,” the report says.

The 504 pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is given the top grade along with the adoption of healthy lifestyles and their work with community appeals and classroom responsbilities.

Other top marks are given to their standards of care, guidance and support, promoting equality and fighting discrimination.

Their extra-curricular activities are also praised and the school’s overall standard is marked as good - a grade up on the last report.

Head teacher Jonathan Moss said he was delighted. “The school is moving in the right direction and it’s down to the hard work of the pupils and the staff that our school is becoming one of the best schools in Calderdale,” he said.

Since starting his role two years ago he said his proudest achievement has been seeing the community rally round to support the school.

“The community, pupils and the staff have all got together and worked hard to make Beech Hill a fantastic learning environment.”