Technology column: The S7 Edge - beautiful but functional

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The Samsung standard has moved forward considerably over the last few years. The pinnacle moment was probably with the release of the Alpha that gave us a drastic change from ugly Samsung handsets to something more attractive.

This momentum has gained some good notion with the later handsets and the S7 Edge is quite simply the most beautiful phone on the market today. 
You can be forgiven for confusing this model with its predecessor the S6 Edge because nothing much has changed in design except for a more rounder and smoother looking display. 
The most improved feature is not really noticeable: although quite the standard for most devices, Samsung finally added removable storage to their latest flagships which is a good move. However, it’s also frustrating that the most important upgrade is something that should have been included first time round. 
Also slightly annoying is the software. Why, oh why have they gone with their own overlay again? 
Android offers more than enough features and a neat design for all manufacturers to offer the fully blown stock Android experience. HTC, Sony, LG and Samsung have always ruined their flagship hardware by destroying the entire user experience with trash. 
Motorola seem to be the only ones getting it right by offering just a couple of useful apps while leaving the software as it should be. So, there’s TouchWiz again and it ruins it. There is hope that this version is a lot cleaner looking than two generations ago, but there’s just no need to bother it. However, the overall operation is exceptionally fast. There’s no waiting for apps to load, gaming is fluid and with the quad HD display being so highly pixel infused (534PPI) everything looks glorious. 
That display also presents notifications while the screen is off in the same way the original Moto X did which helps in saving power and is handy for regular users that don’t use a watch for such use. The edge still has unique uses for exclusive widgets and access to favourite contacts.
The sad thing is that there’s nothing really original here: the camera is 12 megapixels, the waterproofing has all been seen before and the battery life is just acceptable. Sure the S7 Edge is an upgrade. It’s slightly faster, offers more user storage via the memory card slot and there’s no need to panic about a drop of rain. But similar to how Apple makes the incremental changes year on year which causes such a fuss, Samsung needs to do a little more work to attract the crowds when their newest flagship offers very little difference to the latest from Sony. The S7 Edge will work with the Gear VR, but that’s not enough for most users to get excited. Maybe we’ve reached a point in which it’s become more difficult to invent and vastly improve. The S7 Edge looks stunning, it will work well and it does everything most users need to do with a mobile phone. But it will not exceed expectations. For that, we’ll have to wait.