Ted tees off new course for golfer

Author Heather Cawdry with her books featuring Yorkshire Ted.
Author Heather Cawdry with her books featuring Yorkshire Ted.

Golfing teddies isn’t a phrase you will hear very often, but now the story of Yorkshire Ted: A Golfing Bear is capturing the imagination of many.

Heather Cawdry has combined her two loves of science and golf to create a popular series of childrens books.

Heather who lives in Lightcliffe, and taught physics at North Halifax Grammar; Brookbank and Leeds Girls High School over a period of 15 years. She has been interested in golf from an early age when she caddied for her step father Colin Swain at Bradley Hall Golf Club.

She began playing golf in 1971, and has since captained the Yorkshire Ladies County Golf and Lightcliffe Ladies for one year each, and has just finished three years as President of the Yorkshire Ladies County Golf Assosciation.

It was whilst captain of Yorkshire Ladies, Heather found Ted, a fluffy bear and brought it to competitions.

With increased success, including winning the English County Finals, Ted became more popular and eventually a mascot.

“I wrote a little book around that time on Ted and what he was doing, and amended the book whilst I was President and sold it to make money for the Junior Girls,” she said.

Years later, a lady at the golf club said Ted the Golfing Bear was her child’s favourite story and that Heather should write more.

“With an eye on nature and science I have written another two books. One about the life cycle of the frog and the story of the Frog Prince and the other about the Sun, Moon, and the men who went there.”

Heather also said she is currenlty working on a new book ‘Why does it rain? Clouds, thunder and lightning.

The author hopes the stories of Golfing Ted will entertain but also encourage young children to take interest in the world around them: “I’m aiming to put a little science in so kids can subconsciously learn from the books.”

The Adventures of Ted can be found on Amazon.