Teen’s emotive jump in mum’s memory

Andrew Ball and his mum Roseann
Andrew Ball and his mum Roseann

A teenager will spend his 18th birthday jumping out of a plane in memory of his mum who committed suicide when he was just eight.

Roseann suffered from bipolar and had been struggling with depression for a couple of months before taking her own life on January 12, 
2005, the day after she turned 44.

Andrew Ball now wants to raise money and awareness for Bipolar UK by jumping 14,000 feet out of an aircraft at Black Knights Parachute Centre in Lancaster on February 1.

Andrew said he can remember the day his mum tragically took her own life but 
says the year after is just a blur.

“I woke up and my dad (Peter) got my breakfast and said my mum wasn’t feeling well and that I needed to go and say bye before I went to school,” he said.

“I went back upstairs and saw my mum curled up under the covers. I went and gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye and said ‘bye mum, love you’.

“And that was the last 
time I saw and spoke to my mum.

“On that day she decided that she couldn’t cope anymore and that she did not want her illness to affect my life and my dad’s life anyone and tragically took her own life.

“I came home from school and was ushered off to a neighbour’s house. Later that evening my dad told me that I would never see my 
mum again as she had passed away.

“Being so young I was not aware that my mum had bipolar, and did not know anything about the illness.”

Andrew who lives at Castlefields Crescent, Rastrick, is in the process of organising a bag pack at one of the supermarkets in Brighouse.

To sponsor him visit http://www.justgiving.com/Andrew-Ball6/ or drop into the school with a cheque payable to Bipolar UK.

His name needs to be put on the back of the cheque.