‘Terrified’ poodle lost in Halifax is still missing

Lost pooch in Halifax town centre
Lost pooch in Halifax town centre

The search for a ‘petrified’ poodle which slipped from his colar in Halifax on Friday is still ongoing.

Darcy, who is a black miniature poodle went missing in Halifax town centre and has been the centre of an online Twitter campaign, directed by Stolen and Stray Pet, who said the dog was terrified.

Karen Blackburn, who is helping with the search, said: “Darcy is very much a ‘mummy’s boy’. He is 11 and slipped his collar in the town centre, he was chased by people who were trying to help but he is very timid and this just freaked him out.

“There have been numerous sightings on the day (June 17) in and around the Claremount area. First on North Bridge, then up New Bank towards Godley and past the Prospect Pub. By Range Bank, Claremount Road and as far as Ploughcroft.

“We are asking people to check garages and sheds, farmers to check barns and out buildings but if is there to just secure them and ring the owners. A lot of dog walkers walk along the top’s of Claremount and up Swalesmoor. If people could look under bushes and across fields for him that would be wonderful.

“We have had fantastic support from Rawson Junior and Infant School who have handed out leaflets to every pupil and St Joseph’s RC School have detailed Darcy on their weekly news letter.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 07860584559 or 01422 351535.