The Assisted Conception Unit team at Calderdale

Lisa and David Ashley with their 12-week-old twins Charlie, left, and Bobby.
Lisa and David Ashley with their 12-week-old twins Charlie, left, and Bobby.

A couple from Sowerby Bridge have spoken of their joy after battling against all the odds to have two “baby miracles”.

David and Lisa Ashley, who were both raised in Mytholmroyd, went through two and a half years of fertility treatment hell and IVF (In vitro fertilisation) before eventually having Charlie and Bobby in January.

Lisa, 28, said: “When I found out I was pregnant I cried for a good ten minutes. Originally we were told that they weren’t good embryos, which is why they put two back in the womb.

“It was a really stress-free pregnancy and there weren’t any complications.

“They’re really good babies and everyone just treats them like the two celebrities of Mytholmroyd. They are the two miracle babies.”

The couple, who live at Edward Street, Sowerby Bridge, said they always knew they would struggle to conceive because Lisa has polycystic ovaries – a condition which means cysts form on the ovaries. Lisa had her IVF treatment at Calderdale Royal, with the support of the hospital’s assisted conception team.

They didn’t find out the sex of their babies until they were born at 33 weeks, when Bobby (7lbs 1oz) was delivered first, followed by Charlie (6lbs 11oz).

On Sunday, Lisa and David, 29, will be at North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax, for the 15th annual tea party for the Assisted Conception Unit team of the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust.

Lisa said: “The team at Calderdale were amazing really. They told us to ring them any time if we had any problems and it will be great to thank them.”