The Calder tops 200-strong Barracuda Group

THE Calder in Brighouse has seen the largest increase in profit out of the Barracuda Group’s 200 pubs.

Manager Steve Richardson, who has run the pub since June 2010, collected an award on behalf of the staff from the group’s chief executive Mark McQuater.

“The Calder had a pretty successful year in 2011,” said Mr Richardson.

“The team and I have really tried to create a pub that appeals to everyone, whether it’s a bite to eat with family and friends, a place to have a few after work drinks, or somewhere to celebrate the weekend.

“This award is great recognition for the team here at the Calder.

“It’s because of them that our customers return time after time.

“They provide a friendly, welcoming environment and they play a big part in the success of the business.

“We would also like to thank our customers whose loyalty and support we really appreciate, particularly in this current economic climate.”

Mr McQuater, who presented him with the Largest Increase in Profit Award, said: “It was great to reward those who make a significant contribution to the business.

“At Barracuda, we have some of the best people in the industry who are committed to growing and maintaining their business and we are continuing to assist them to help them stay ahead of the competition and offer their customers real value for money without compromising on quality.”