The caring VIPs take an award

Certificates: Melanie Pillinger, Yasmin Hameed, Brian Mitchell and Helen Sheppard.
Certificates: Melanie Pillinger, Yasmin Hameed, Brian Mitchell and Helen Sheppard.

AN awards ceremony has been held to recognise the work of individuals, teams and organisations working in adult social care.

A ceremony was held at Halifax Minster to mark the work of the people who provide services to adults and older people in mental health, learning disabilities, residential, day care and Home Care Services

As well as care workers, managers, other support staff and service users were recognised.


l Team of the Year: Scope Aspire Services – Diane Thundercliffe, David Codling, Steve Oldroyd and Davis Hopkinson.

Earlier this year the team supported a group from Scope Aspire Services on a three-day break to London.

They arranged everything from finding a hotel, going to the theatre and sightseeing.

The award praised the opportunity and experience gained from the trip, saying: “The team went beyond their role and responsibilities and made a real impact to improve the quality of life of the people they support.”

l Learning and Development Award: Geraldine Quinn

Geraldine started her job at Carr Green in October as a care assistant.

Since then she has completed all her training, attended extra educational courses and taken over as position of Senior Care Assistant and Health and Safety Officer.

l Manager of the Year: Elaine Tansey

She was praised for her commitment to users and staff.

Employee of the Year: Alexandra Jancysk

Judges said: “Alex has proved a fantastic carer. She has made a valuable contribution to the service users in her care. Her commitment to her work is exceptional and she undertakes extra work, very often at short notice. She is hard working and her conscientious approach to her work is admirable.”

l Dignity Award: Tom Cadbury

“Tom has spent time working with end-of- life service users and has shown a dignified and respectful manner .

“He has ensured the people have control over the remainder of their lives and ensuring their wishes are adhered to.

“The feedback from these individuals and their relatives throughout these difficult times has been extremely positive.

“He has proven himself to be a dedicated, caring individual who can provide care in a dignified manner.”

l Innovation Award: Josephine Crossley, a nurse at Heatherstones.

“More than just promoting dignity for clients, Jo embodies dignity in practice.

“She has demonstrated a commitment to raising awareness of dignity; constantly strives to improve practice and has a positive impact on clients’ quality of life. Since becoming a dignity champion, she has worked tirelessly.

“Jo truly is an ambassador for dignity issues and acts as an inspirational role model to her colleagues.”