The Girl With The Long Pink Hair: Can you put Ashley in touch with his commuter crush this Valentine's Day?

Ashley Forrest, 24, is on the lookout for his secret admirer.
Ashley Forrest, 24, is on the lookout for his secret admirer.

A love-struck commuter who developed a crush on the Calderdale railways is on the lookout for 'The Girl With The Long Pink Hair' this Valentine's Day.

Ashley Forrest, 24, was shocked to read his description in the 'Commuter Crush' section of a national newspaper last April, with an appeal asking him to get in touch written by a girl going by that pseudonym.

The note written by the girl with the long pink hair.

The note written by the girl with the long pink hair.

Ten months on from the romantic episode, Ashley is hoping that someone out there can get him in touch with his mystery admirer.

"I've got a fairly strong memory of who I think it might be," he said, "I always try to be friendly and chatty to everyone, but there's one person who stood out.

"She had longish pink and purple hair and was about my age. We chatted a few times about different things.

"I remember a talk we had about the stretcher in her ear - I have one too, and we had that in common."

The note read: "To the cute council officer in blue on the early Halifax to Preston train. Your smile and friendly hello make my day and send my heart fluttering. Coffee?"

And there is little doubt that the note was referring to Ashley, who would join the train at Halifax in order to get to his job at Lancashire County Council in Burnley wearing a blue council uniform every day.

Ashley no longer gets that train, having moved to Burnley four months ago, and found the newspaper in a draw earlier this week. A joke message posted on social media soon went viral.

"It was such a shock at the time and at first I thought someone was playing a trick on me," he said, "but then I got to thinking and it must have been her.

"I tweeted and texted into the newspaper, who said they would put me in touch with the person who wrote it, but they never came back to me.

"It would be nice to hear from her, if she still wants to meet up for a coffee. And now is the time of year to do it, after all!"

Ashley said the girl, who was in her early twenties, would get on the train at Halifax three or four times a week. But he never got off with her - because she disembarked at Hebden Bridge.

Can you help the Courier complete a Valentine's Day miracle? Are you 'The Girl With The Long Pink Hair'? Get in touch via or by calling 01422 260209.