The Halifax X-Files: We reveal secret police dossier of hauntings, UFOs and vampire sheep

CALDERDALE is revealed today as a hot-spot for supernatural activity.

Official figures released to the Courier show that in the last five years 142 calls were made to police detailing paranormal events.

Today, as Calderdale celebrates Hallowe’en, we reveal the amazing stories told by terrified residents.

They have been released to the Courier after a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

Among the 142 calls received by police, were reports of ghosts, werewolves, UFOs and witches.

Others claimed ghouls were stealing their possessions, that a Russian witch had taken over the soul of a Halifax woman and that sheep had turned into vampires.

In Halifax calls included:

August 2006: Halifax: Reference made to witchcraft

September 2006: Halifax: Caller believes ghost responsible for theft of handbag

November 2006: Todmorden: Caller claims to be a witch

December 2006: Halifax: Caller reported hearing footseps in house and seeing ghosts which enter the house through reflections in the bedroom cabinet

December 2008: Sowerby Bridge: Caller believes there are ghosts of little boys playing cricket at the end of the garden

January 2009: Halifax: UFO sighting

July 2009: Halifax: Caller claims to be involved in witchcraft

August 2009: Brighouse: “Caller reported her friend suddenly and unexpectedly leaving her house after a visit and was concerned for her safety. On attendance it transpired the friend had been dead for some time so the caller believed she had seen the ghost of her friend.”

May 2010: Halifax: Caller seen bright light moving through sky

March 2010: Halifax: Caller believes to have a Russian witch inside her

February 2011: Caller reporting things being moved around the house and believes a ghost is to blame

Feb 2009: Bradford: Caller seen lights

Calderdale has long been seen as a centre for the supernatural.

In 1980, policeman Alan Godfrey, from Todmorden, says he saw a diamond-shaped UFO.

Later, under hypnosis, he told of being taken aboard it.