The new me

By Clare Boyd

A MUM has transformed herself from Halifax housewife to glamour queen... with the ultimate Hollywood makeover.

Susan Fieldhouse jetted to Los Angeles for a gruelling three-week overhaul which included a facelift, breast enlargement, nose job, tummy tuck, laser eye surgery and liposuction.

The 45-year-old mum-of-four, of Daisy Bank, Savile Park, Halifax, was one of eight women picked from more than 4,000 hopefuls to star in new reality show Brand New You.

She was worried husband Stephen, seven years youn-ger, would go off her because of her crooked nose, moles and mumsy shape.

“I felt dumpy and frumpy and I didn’t have much shape,” said Susan, who had never left England before her trip of a lifetime.

On the first day of surgery in November, surgeon Paul Nassif performed an anti-gravity lift which included a brow lift and eyelid lift.

On the same day, Dr Gerald Minniti worked on Susan’s breasts with a pioneering technique. He made an incision near her tummy button and pushed the implant up to rest under the breast and muscle

Susan’s nipples were then repositioned.

After a recuperation week, Dr Nassif carried out “one of the most complex rhinoplasties he has ever performed”. It took four hours to shave off the hump on Susan’s nose and remove cartilage to give her a “softer” look.

During the course of the programme, to be broadcast on June 2 on Channel Five at 8pm, Susan also has her moles removed, a whopping two litres of fat removed from her thighs with liposuction and a tummy tuck.

But one of the most dramatic changes for Susan, who works at Vision Express, Halifax, was the laser eye surgery.

Following an illness when she was three, Susan had worn thick-lensed glasses for 42 years.

Susan’s mouth was in such bad shape that the show’s dentist had to work on nearly every tooth, adding crowns and ven- eers to the uppers and lowers.

Finally her style overhaul included finishing touches by fashion stylist Kendrick Cosario and hair guru Chaz Dean.

The total cost of the work carried out on Susan is estimated at 23,000, including 3,500 for the nose job, 7,000 for the facelift, 4,000 for the boob job, 8,5000 for the tummy tuck and 5,000 for liposuction.