The story of the FA Cup 137 years ago

The FA Cup came to Sowerby Bridge when a subbuteo version of the 1875-76 competition was played at the Jubilee Refreshment Rooms.

Football fans converged on the station after a customer suggested the idea as it coincided with the opening of the station in September 1876.

Chris Wright, co-owner of the refreshment rooms, said: “When we started advertising it we got donations of pitches, goalposts and teams.

“It was superb. All the team names were the same as 1876 and we did a proper draw at the start.

“It really captured people’s imagination and reminded them about playing the game when they were younger.

“A few Halifax fans turned up and there were people of all ages but everyone was very competitive!

“The weather meant we didn’t get quite as many players as we’d have liked so some had to double up as two teams.

“We only got through three rounds so we’ll have to rearrange the rest of the tournament but I think we’ll make it an annual event.”