These pictures show the aftermath of a large Todmorden farm fire

Firefighters clean up after the blaze at the Todmorden fire
Firefighters clean up after the blaze at the Todmorden fire

These pictures show how a huge fire quickly spread through a Todmorden farm destroying buildings, vehicles and livestock.

Georgina White and Peter Lobb saw the fire spread across their land on Cyprus Farm which overlooks Dobroyd Castle on Saturday at 2.30pm. They battled to save their animals before firefighters arrived.

Huge thank you to brave fire crews who tackled Todmorden farm blaze

Georgina described how the dramatic events unfolded which also saw cars and vehicles destroyed.

“It started raining really hard and I even said how bad it was. I noticed it went really dark and I thought what is going on. I could then start to smell the smoke and heard the horses screaming.”

“We managed to get the horses, sheep and donkeys out into the fields.

“The fire was spreading across all the outbuildings and started moving towards our house. Thankfully the firefighters were able to save it in the nick of time.”

“We are so grateful for the fire crews from West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire. They saved our house and they worked through an unbelievable and fierce fire,” said Georgina.

Despite their best efforts six chickens, three turkeys and four ducks were killed.

Firefighters scaled back the operation and the last crew left at 9pm - five-and-a-half hours after the fire started.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.