They pledge to listen, to help and never judge

domestic violence - picture posed by model
domestic violence - picture posed by model

DOMESTIC abuse can affect any woman.

Young, old, high-fliers and housewives – all are potential victims.

And it can come in any form – physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, financial.

One in four women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lives and two a week are killed.

But there is help out there.

WomenCentre, in Silver Street in Halifax, offers support and advice to women being abused by partners.

They pledge to listen, not judge, and help in any way they can.

The specially-trained staff understand it can take time for a woman to take the step of leaving her partner, and can offer strategies for keeping safe in the meantime.

They have information about education, training, housing, health and a host of other subjects. With 80 per cent of domestic violence happening where children are in the same or next room, there is also counselling and support available for youngsters.

Their Freedom Programme is a weekly support group delivered at the centre where women can be helped through their experiences and meet others going through the same situation.

The next programme will start on Monday, January 9, between 10am and noon.

The evening group will start on Tuesday, January 10, between 5.45pm and 7.45pm.

The group runs on a 12-week rolling programme throughout the year.

To find out more about the Freedom Programme or to make a referral, call the Domestic Violence Support Team on 01422 386500 or 01422 323339.