Thieves coming to district to pinch the flashiest cars

THIEVES are coming into part of Calderdale to take new, expensive cars.

That is the warning from officers in Brighouse and Elland who are urging drivers to take step to protect their vehicles.

Inspector Mohammed Nawaz, who leads the Lower Valley neighbourhood policing team, said: “Criminals are travelling into the area specifically targeting new, high-value vehicles.

“Most criminals who break into cars are opportunists and will break into homes to steal car keys.

“By simply following some very simple advice you can greatly reduce the risk of your car being broken into – just by locking a car helps. Always shut the doors, windows and any sunroof.

“Always make sure the car is secure, even if you are just leaving it for seconds.

“And never leave the car running.

“Leaving the car open and with the engine running even for a few seconds gives the opportunist thief the chance to drive off in your pride and joy.

“It is also a good idea to make sure your keys are not on display – for example through a door or window.”

Inspector Nawaz urged people not to try hiding a spare set of keys anywhere as they were at risk of being found by criminals.

He added that it only took a matter of seconds for a thief to be inside a car.

“Do not leave anything on display,” he said. “Criminals may even break in for items such as coats, gloves or small change.

“If you have a garage, use it. A car in a garage is doubly secure and unnoticed.

“If your car is parked on a driveway, then close and lock your gates.

“If you have a narrow driveway, park one car behind the other with the more valuable car shielded by the more secure car but make sure both are secure.

“In short, the more added levels of protection you can add, the less appealing your car will be to criminals.”