Thousands see world record hug attempt

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Thousands of commuters witnessed a world record attempt for the longest group hug.

The bid to set the record is currently being staged at Leeds train station.

Several people from Forever Friends have been arm in arm since 10am this morning - and will hold them embrace until at least 11am on tomorrow (Thursday), when a judge from Guinness World Records will approve the final stages of the attempt.

Jacquie Costello, brand manager for Forever Friends, said: “We’re encouraging people to stop by and support us throughout the day – and night - and remind them that a simple hug can be lovely way to show affection and genuinely make people feel better.

The Forever Friends’ bear will even be making an appearance at the station to dole out hugs to anyone who wants one.

- If you’re passing the world record hug attempt, take a picture and send it to