Three Sentenced In Drugs Importation Operation

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Three people have been sentenced to a total of 26 years and nine months behind bars for drugs related offences.

The convictions form part of Operation Bizarre, an investigation around the importation and distribution of Class A and Class B substances.

Twenty seven year old Nusheen Khan of Fir Avenue in Dewsbury pleaded guilty in February to conspiracy to evade a prohibition in relation to Class A drugs and was today sentenced to 3 and a half years at Leeds Crown Court.

Thirty six year old Columbian national Will Espitia Bueno of Rye Lane in London pleaded guilty to the importation of Class A Drugs and was sentenced to 11 years and three months.

He had previously been sentenced to six years imprisonment under the same operation for conspiracy to supply Class A Drugs and his latest sentence will run consecutively.

Thirty three year old Mohammed Ilyas of Cumberland Road in Bradford has also pleaded guilty to the importation of Class A Drugs and was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

He too is already serving two further sentences of three and eight years under Operation Bizarre and his sentence will also run consecutively.

Temporary Detective Inspector Phil Little of West Yorkshire Police’s Crime Division said: “These latest sentences should be an indication of the lengths we will go to pursue those involved in drugs activity.

“Each of these individuals knowingly played a part in the transporting Class A drugs from South America into the UK.

“Through close collaboration with colleagues in both a local and foreign capacity, we have been able to create a detailed picture of their activities.

“It has subsequently ensured that these three will now spend some considerable time behind bars and away from the potential to cause harm to our communities.

“As a result of their actions, three other men are currently serving substantial sentences in Peru and Ecuador.

“We have also seized over £25,000 worth of cash and assets as part of Op Bizarre which the Courts have now ordered to be confiscated from those convicted.”