‘Too many concerns about Copley plan’

OPPOSITION is hotting up against controversial plans to redevelop Copley as the deadline for a planning decision approaches.

Ward councillors Pauline Nash and Steven Gow (both Lib Dem, Skircoat) have both told the Courier until some of their questions over the proposed Copley development are answered, they cannot back the £62.5m scheme.

Coun Nash said she had three main concerns about the scheme.

She said she wants answers about the infrastructure and how local roads would deal with extra traffic created by the new development.

“While these questions remain, I can’t support it.

“So many questions haven’t been answered. These things need resolving before planning goes ahead and we shall be pushing for that.

“Given the economic climate, we are assured by Genr8 the commercial and industrial premises will be set up but I can’t see anyone queuing up to get into them. It concerns me that it seems as if all we’re doing is moving people around, not necessarily addressing the problem.”

Steven Gow said: “When you go there and look at Stern Mills and Hollins Lane it does like like an area that needs some regneration of the area.

“The traffic infrastructure needs sorting out and that’s what I don’t see at the moment.

“Until the traffic gets sorted out I don’t see how the actual development can go ahead. The whole infrastructure needs sorting out before any development gets sorted out.”

He said he would put both his own concerns and those of residents forward at the planning meeting in June.

Conservative John Hardy said he can also see the benefits to the scheme.

“We have to balance the investment into the town, into Calderdale with the benefits that are there against the objections.

“Right from day one I have said I will look after the interests of people of Calderdale and I would need to be sure that the issues of flooding, education, traffic - not just for Copley because it affects all over - but these have to be met.”

The scheme will bring 577 jobs and would include 224 new homes.