Top award for the pioneers of sushi

Corinne Kielty and Kate Wheadon at Sushi Tuesday, Cragg Valle.
Corinne Kielty and Kate Wheadon at Sushi Tuesday, Cragg Valle.
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Two former school friends who set up a unique fast-food delivery service have won a business award, through the Courier.

Corrine Keilty and Kate Wheadon are among the three Calderdale businesses to have scooped the Local Business Accelerator award.

The pair set up a Japanese food delivery service – the first in Calderdale – because of their love for the food.

Despite only setting up in 2011, they’ve already had to expand and, after leaving their Todmorden base, are now on Topland Country Business Park in Cragg Vale.

The girls said they hoped their groundbreaking business would put them ahead of the curve.

“I always liken it to coffee shops,” said Corrine. “I remember when the first coffee shop opened in Halifax about 10 years ago and we all rushed to it. Now they’re everywhere.

“Hopefully it’ll be the same with sushi. We’ve been to the big cities in this country and they got sushi shops everywhere and when Calderdale catches up, we’ll be ready.”

Corrine and Kate make the sushi to order and deliver across Calderdale. They already have a strong following who buy regularly, often from stockists in towns across Calderdale.

The business is open four days a week, Tuesday to Friday, and has just started a Saturday School to teach people how to make their own sushi.

The hope for the coming year is to become an established brand in Halifax, something they hope their new mentors will help them with.

Part of their prize is mentoring from experienced members of the local business community Roger Harvey, Steven Leigh and Barbara Harbinson

“The judges have been there and done it and know how to set up a business in Halifax,” said Kate.

“Neither of us have any previous business experience and there are some things that we are sort of making up as we go along.”

The company’s prize also includes a free advertising package with the Courier.